An Educational Adventure

Chantal Drolet: Active Learning Through Media Literacy (Master of Educational Technology – UBC)

An Educational Adventure: Active Learning Through Media Literacy

To me, thoughts are fun and art is fun. The strength of our society should not be idle entertainments but the joy of pursuing ideas.”
–Philip Kaufman is an American film director and screenwriter. He is the author of Indiana Jones 

Students: Protagonists of their own learning adventure!

 Welcome everyone to:

An Educational Adventure: Active learning through media literacy

The metaphor: What is an adventure?

  • An activity that comprises uncertain outcomes?
  • A remarkable exploit?
  • An audacious undertaking?

As a media teacher, specialized in digital film communication, when I imagine an adventure I think of a cinematographic genre, in which the protagonists face challenging situations. In such daring experiences the intrepid characters must use their knowledge, wit and skills to overcome obstacles and eventually triumph.

The creation of this portfolio has been an adventure!

When I first embarked on this educational journey, my map of the educational world was vague. The exploration started with theoretical landmarks: from the classical behaviorist model to the more recent constructivist approach.

Soon, didactic explorations brought me to reflect on my views of teaching and learning. The more I travelled on the long path to erudition, the more I conceived the teacher as a facilitator and the learner as a creator of knowledge.

These reflections motivated me to write papers focused on the importance of media awareness. I created multimedia activities empowering students to produce their own artifacts and communicate their view points.

Finally, I realized that the advent of digital technologies presented opportunities to undertake daring new pedagogical enterprises!

  • Was it possible to have the students as the protagonist of their own learning?
  • Could we fathom the likelihood of re-writing the educational script, in order to advance 21st century skills?

My studies helped me discover student-centered approaches and apply empowering communication technologies to support their learning experiences.

This portfolio concludes my master of education voyage. However, my quest for active learning through media literacy continues!

For a glimpse at my digital film communication adventure, I invite you to watch this 5 minute film!

Exploring Media Studies through Digital Film Communication

  • Digital film communication offers an effective way of analyzing the artificial reality presented by the media.
  • Through media studies, students learn to appreciate the spin involved when publishing media content by experiencing the technological process involved in movie making.
  • YouTube: Exploring media studies through digital film communication